How to watch Ragnarok without watching it

I wish I could write a post about how Ragnarok is a really great movie. I cannot. Because it is not. It is fun(ny), at times too funny. Misplaced humour all over the place. I’d have probably enjoyed the movie more if Kenneth hadn’t made the first movie and if Thor was treated as a comic relief character throughout the franchise(s).

Now, I could go on about how I had fun watching the movie (I did). I could even go into a discussion about who’s hotter: Loki, Thor of Heimdall. I could also elaborate on my opinion that the only person who came to the set to act (not to have fun) was Cate Blanchett. But I don’t have to because I just did. See what I did there?


Instead of elaborating, I’ll give you a piece of advice. Look at the gifs below for two hours and ten minutes while listening to soundtrack of Stranger Things and it will be equivalent to the experience of watching Ragnarok, minus the cringing due to misplaced humour.

giphy (3)tumblr_o47wiy0ehr1rwlhrfo1_400

And if you’re considering seeing the movie due to certain carnal inclinations see the gifs below.




Decent Movie Review – Rush (2013)


 LaudaNiki Lauda/Daniel Brühl – Lauda is simply an interesting man. His tenacity and his character have so much potential, some of which was used in the movie. The movie should have been about Lauda, and it would have been much better. Daniel Brühl is absolutely amazing as Lauda. I cannot say if he’s a good actor – that is something that I will have to decide in the movies to come, but I loved him as Lauda.

Twenty or so minutes – There is about twenty minute of Rush that make it worth the while. These are the minutes when we get to see the drivers off track. Their private lives, their talent at setting up the car. We find out what having a good ass has to do with being a good F1 driver. We find a little bit about the sport (not nearly enough). We get a glimpse (not nearly enough) of the relationship between the drivers. We see what Lauda went through after his accident (not nearly as horrible as it has been) and his determination to get back into the cockpit. 



The Rivalry – This movie was supposed to be about one of the most famous rivalries in Formula 1, that between Niki Lauda and James Hunt in the season of 1976. Evil-eye action and Lauda/Hunt narration were not enough for the rivalry to come to life on the screen.

James Hunt/Chris Hemsworth – I’m not only a moderate F1 fan, I am also a Hemsworth fan (no moderation there). But it was obvious throughout the movie that he is not British, and that he has been chosen to appeal to the female audiences. This movie would have been so much better if it was a story about Niki Lauda. It actually seems like they wanted to make a Lauda story, but then they decided to put in more Hunt becaue they’ve paid for Hemsworth and his naked ass to pull in audiences.

The Story – For someone who has seen the BBC documentary, who has been following F1 for five years, this movie was mostly old news. The worst thing is the fact that at times I found Rush boring. The racing was ok, but I did not see the point in showing us excerpts from pretty much every race in the season, with on screen info about which race we are watching. It had a documentary feel which I did not enjoy at all. I would have rather seen the things you cannot see in archive films – things like „behind the Formula 1“ scenes – the parties, the team games, the cruelty of the sport: hunger for money and disregard for the safety of the drivers. The movie has been romanticized – even though we see how scary and dangerous racing was, the truth of it did not resonate. I sincerely doubt that anyone said to Hunt in Japan „Don’t race, be safe“ – that is not the nature of the sport. That is Hollywood bullshit.



From a marketing point of view, Rush is a good piece of work. You have Hemsworth’s naked ass for the girls. You have fast cars, girls and the lifestyle for the boys. I doubt that the producers failed to take into account that the 2014 season will see new circuits in New Jersey and Austin – F1 is coming back to the US. And of course F1 fans will see it because it’s an F1 movie.

It’s a decent movie. From a perspective of a moderate F1 fan who knows what are KERS and DRS, who has seen Senna do miracles in Donnington and die tragically in Imola – it’s an ok movie, because it’s a movie about Formula 1.

Dark World Eye Candy

As a fan, I find it hard to curb my enthusiasm about the upcoming sequel. Understandably, I cannot avoid a post with those shiny new Empire covers.

74678 74679 74680 74681

Some deviant artwork to brighten things up…


I know there’s only a few people out there who prefer Thor to Loki, but we as a minority have our rights 🙂


Let us all forget about Batfleck and look forward to the new Thor movie, shall we?