Hello there!

My name is Nikoleta (aka nicoll lu aka nicollzg). I’m 31 and am a professor of Sociology, English Language & Literature. I live in Zagreb, Croatia. I work as a PR consultant. If for some reason you need more of me, feel free to look me up on Tumblr, Pinterest or Goodreads or write me at nicollzg@outlook.com.

Let’s proceed to comparing the main categories of my blog with food for additional clarification.

Cheap Thrills are old candy. When have a terrible need to eat something sweet and there’s absolutely nothing in the kitchen and you’re too lazy to go to the store. You find a candy in your bag. It might prove to be delicious and just what you were looking for, but odds are it will leave you with a very bad aftertaste and possibly a stomach ache.

Guilty Pleasures are French fries (in my case). They might not be good for you, but you want to stuff your face while you’re peeling the potatoes. You want to stuff your face while they’re frying. You want to stuff your face while you’re stuffing your face. And you want to stuff your face after you have stuffed your face.

Personal Edification is duck a l’orange. It changes your beliefs and outlooks, makes you wonder what other misconceptions are lurking in the precepts of your mind.

Other categories include Picture Posts, Nutshells (150 words or less), Movie Reviews and Personal posts, and Anime to Manga category which are all rather self-explanatory.

Hope you get something out of my writing, be it a laugh or an idea about what to read or watch next or maybe a pretty picture to put on your desktop.

Thanks for stopping by.

3 thoughts on “Hello there!

  1. Thanks for following my blog! May I make a suggestion? Turn on “likes” for your posts. You can do this via your dashboard, under Settings, Sharing. It’s the last thing on the list before the Save Changes button. This invites interaction from readers, and is a good way to meet new people since you’ll get notifications when someone “likes” your stuff!


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