Music Matters

People who have gotten drunk with me know I cannot carry a tune and that I screw up the lyrics of pretty much every song.

There are lyrics I never get wrong, lyrics which resonate with life, lyrics so powerful they became a part of who I am.

If you’re a bit older you remember running towards the radio when That Song started to press “record”. You remember the frustration when That Song was interrupted by stupid commentary of the radio host.

I’ve learned so much English trying to understand Insomnia. Back then, I had no idea how and why would someone smoke weed. I had no idea what a duvet was and I even had to look up yeast. Twenty three years ago I had no idea what insomnia was and I had never burned a whole in a mattress.

People change.



Pink Floyd – The Endless River

When it comes to music, my appreciation for Pink Floyd is unparalleled. I experience their music on a primordial level – instinct and reflex. Yet at the same time the mind is restless, in a dreamlike state; old and new worlds coexist, dreary truths of our past coalesce with unruined future.


Three things passed through my mind after having heard the new album for the first time:

  1. whale song
  2. elevator music
  3. was this song (Anisina) on the Lethal Weapon soundtrack?

Having listened to The Endless River a few more times I somewhat moved past those impressions. Somewhat. I scarcely ever have a feeling about an album, I normally enjoy music on a level of a single song. Except with Floyd. The Endless River lacks that unifying experience, and it lacks poetry.

All in all, it’s unispirational, bland and at times seems to be endless – and not in a good way.

Obsessed Much?

I want to write about Obsession. No, I am not talking about the perfume. It’s the name of my iTunes playlist. At first it was creatively titled Most Played, but soon it became obvious it’s a result of my monomaniacal (yes, I’m rereading Moby Dick) replay of selected songs.

I know no one cares, but I do, and this is my blog, so I’m going to write that I have a total of 680 songs in my iTunes library and on my iPhone.  Certain entries like White Rabbit, High Hopes, Ghost Song and Soldier of Fortune are there because I cannot imagine leaving the house without them. Others, those on my Obsession playlist, are there for abuse.

Normally, the most played song on my Most Played list changes every few weeks, But as of xyz months, after I added the latest Arctic Monkeys album and Just Drive (Sky F1 intro) got dethroned, I was forced to rename the playlist because a single day does not go by without me listening to Do I Wanna Know


Let’s be clear. I love Led Zeppelin, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix… you know, the dead ones and the almost-dead ones. So when I stumble upon something new I tend to abuse it until I get sick  of it. Do I Wanna Know seems to lack the capacity to induce sickness. I guess it’s because I’m a sucker for stories and every time I listen to it I feel there’s a story in there, a good one. It’s the reason why Pink Floyd is my favourite band in the world (using words such as encumbered is another reason).

When I discovered I liked the entire AM album, I shared it with most of my friends, discovering that even my Slipknot-listening mates love that shit. Go figure.

Well, you probably thought I was going somewhere with this. Not really, no.