Hammer Time


A bit of self-appreciation:

thor filming 110912
“You so pretty!”
“No, YOU so pretty”

I’m sorry about this empty post. It’s a compulsion. Here’s more of it:

Just when I decide I’m a “Thor Girl” I see this pic on twitter. Cheap shot. Giving him a book to read.

Dark World Eye Candy

As a fan, I find it hard to curb my enthusiasm about the upcoming sequel. Understandably, I cannot avoid a post with those shiny new Empire covers.

74678 74679 74680 74681

Some deviant artwork to brighten things up…


I know there’s only a few people out there who prefer Thor to Loki, but we as a minority have our rights 🙂


Let us all forget about Batfleck and look forward to the new Thor movie, shall we?