Lucy (2014)

The premise itself – what if human beings could use 100 per cent of their cerebral capacity – opens up a possibility of a remarkably interesting movie. But Luc Besson seems undecided in how to develop the premise. It seems like he could not decide whether to make an action-packed movie about a superhuman, or a philosophical discussion about the nature of human kind and the universe. So he tried to do both. The result is a movie which lacks character and cohesion.
A few times my mind wandered to the Matrix and Akira, which only goes to show that my attention was not fully on the movie, despite the fact that Scarlett Johansson was once again riveting.

You can choose to watch Lucy or not. Frankly, whatever you decide, you will lose absolutely nothing.

I hate indifference. I prefer feeling appalled, exhilarated … something. Indifference and ambivalence I detest. And I can sum up Luc Besson’s Lucy with those two words.

The most ridiculous thing is, after having seen Lucy, I left the cinema with this in my head:

ADDENDUM: Apparently I was not using 100 per cent of my cerebral cortex when writing this post. It would not be very nice to edit this post as to hide the fact that I’m a lazy bastard who takes what is served to her by the popular culture at face value so, so I’ll just add this link – Myths About the Brain: 10 percent and Counting.