On the Fury Road

Writing about a movie mere minutes after watching it is not a good idea. But I’m so psyched that I cannot resist. Go watch Mad Max: Fury Road, like, NOW, and watch it in 3D. The movie is awesome. And my advice is, avoid finding out what the movie is about. You don’t need that. And if you’re looking for a synopsis, you’ll have to read another review.

That being done, I’ll go into more details without spoiling anything for you.

The first ten or so minutes of this post-apocalyptic gem shows you the terrible side of human nature. You get to see us at our worst and you realize that in a way, we are even now, in this normal world, slaves to a certain degree. And then all shit breaks loose.


Frankly I’m exhausted. Constant action, never-ending adrenaline rush have left me feeling drained in the best possible manner. For two hours I was constantly on edge, realizing it only in the several brief moments of respite, when there was actual dialogue, if one can call it that.


You’re never really given a chance to think about what has just happened in detail, because just when you manage to catch your breath, shit breaks loose, again. You don’t get an opportunity to think, mid-movie: “No way he/she survived that!” There’s no time for analysis, no time for complex thoughts, because survival is at stake, and when you need to survive being an unthinking animal is the best you can do. The mad pace of Fury Road puts you smack in the middle of that desert, on that truck, holding your breath, fighting for your dear life.


Fight scenes are amazing, and the visual (3D included) experience is simply astounding (I know my synonyms). Almost two hours of pure action in the middle of nowhere, and I was not bored. Not once. Not for a millisecond. Special effects? Sure they were there, but in the best possible way – you don’t even notice them. There’s no ridiculous slow-mos, no idiotic, sentimental discussions about the fate of humanity and the nature of hope, no redundancy whatsoever. There was simply no time for that crap. Stuff needed to get done.


Fury Road is not about characters, it’s not about who got to shine the most, it’s about the fury. Nothing else. Charlize Theron has once again shown she’s one of the best actresses out there. Tom Hardy, even though muted, managed to convey plenty with his eyes, facial expressions and sporadic grunts. Nicholas Hoult was, well, Nicholas Hoult. And the rest of the cast was simply amazing, from War Boy no. 324 to Immortan Joe.


I don’t know how I will feel about this movie tomorrow. I don’t know how I’ll feel about it after I watch it again, and watch it I will. And frankly, I don’t care.