Beyond Redemption

If there ever was a sorry excuse for a movie, A Dame to Kill for is IT. It is excruciatingly boring, insultingly slow and badly written.

Bad, bad movie.

This movie is simply beyond redemption. I shudder in its general direction.  I dislike Eva Green, and my opinion is that the only reason for casting someone who has her acting talent is the willingness to take off her clothes. (Ok, she was good in Dark Shadows, only because overacting was one of the prerequisites in that movie). But I digress.


I’ve loved Josh Brolin since the Goonies, Joseph Gordon Levitt since 3rd Rock From the Sun. Mickey Rourke is one of my all time favourites, and I am also a fan of Chris Meloni. But I simply cannot fathom how this movie could have been saved.

Is there anybody out there who liked this?