DUFF, the movie, left me feeling the same way the book did: unimpressed, but mildly entertained. The movie doesn’t attempt to be deep, it does seem to want to touch upon the issue of labelling, however it does so very superficially – it pretty much goes unnoticed.

Even though the movie is very different from the book, it has successfully taken over all of its faults: it’s flaky, all over the place, and it lacks attention span. It was fun to watch, but frankly, I think you’d be better off if you just watched Ten Things I Hate About You again. Because DUFF will not make you feel like this:


Both have Allison Janney, and Ten Things is smart, fun and also has Heath Ledger and JGL.


The only part of this movie that left me wondering was the fact that I cannot fathom how do kids nowadays survive high school, taking into account that every one of your embarrassing moments is a potential Facebook post or a YouTube video. Shit. I’m glad I grew up in the era when social networking actually required leaving the house and phones looked like this: