Danger Will Robinson

The first thing Will Robinson does upon hearing these words? He reluctantly, but unmistakably walks towards Danger. Will does not want Danger, not really. He wants to be ensconced in the embrace of safety.


Now I should write that I have often wondered what it was that pulls people towards danger, but I have not. It is not a mystery. Not to someone who takes the safe road, who does what is expected, who has an unhealthy penchant for control (colloquially – a control freak).

I do not like unforeseen circumstances. I like stuff to fall into neatly arranged brackets. Fitting perfectly.

I also hate it.

Every single time I do the right thing, every single time I do what is expected I actually feel like puking. Physically sick.

It’s really ridiculous, having the compulsion to control everything, do what is right and having an unearthly desire to fuck everything up just to see what happens. Just to see how it feels standing atop the smouldering ashes of what was.

It’s been a while since I took a sledge hammer and applied it to everything that I am, everything that I believe I should be.

Yes, please.

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