I’ve Made a Boo-boo

I’ve screwed up. Like BIG time. I got this idea that it would be FUN to read Grey. I know! What a crazy, crazy idea. I should blame Leo DiCaprio. I’m quite sure I did not come up with this idiotic thing all by myself.

And then, my sadistic reading buddy over at Anatomy of Reading (and other demented things) decided to go along with my idea, probably anticipating that I would not be able to endure it and that she’ll have the last laugh, making me finish what I’ve started.


Curse you, Leo! Curse you, reading buddy! Curse you, tiny toilet!


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  1. Lukre says:

    And I am an enabler. 🙂

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    1. nicollzg says:

      Btw. I think Rimmer is inexplicably sexy.


      1. Lukre says:

        Aaaaand again it’s your thinking that gets you into trouble!
        Also love you too


      2. nicollzg says:

        I know. I really ought to stop thinking. But I would like to remind you of this incident http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/reddwarf/images/d/d3/Rimmer.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140520165415


      3. Lukre says:



      4. nicollzg says:

        Because the night belongs to lovers!


  2. nicollzg says:

    An eeeeeeviiiiil enabler. Which is why I love you. Among other things, ofc.


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