The Art of Not Giving a Damn

Some people want to attain nirvana (I guess). I want to attain not giving a damn. I give too much damn. I do. And what good does it bring me, this giving of damn. None. I’m constantly upset, I’m mostly pissed off. And all these damns that I give, give me nothing in return. People don’t change, circumstances remain stubbornly the same. And here I am giving a damn.

Giving a damn can be translated to being stupid, because at some point you really need to give up. It would be an intelligent thing to do, but apparently I am not intelligent enough. I keep giving a damn, even though this has never proven to have an effect.

From now on, I shall do my best not to give a damn. I shall. I’ll channel my energy to something that can actually add to quality of life.



2 thoughts on “The Art of Not Giving a Damn

  1. If you succeed please send me the recipe – I’ve got the same problem. So much so that I keep needing to have serious conversations with myself (usually involving yelling, name calling and a tear or two) and then people around me think I’m crazy


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