Great Equalizer

I love airports. Small ones, huge ones, decrepit ones. I love them all. I love everything about them. People always have a goal on airports, they are all going places and they know what they want. They want to catch that connecting flight, they want to find their luggage safe and sound when they land and they all hope there’s no heavy turbulence during the flight. On airports we all have something in common; black, white, brown, pink, red, orange, old, young, male female, trans… we are all united, and we are all the same, especially once we board that plane.

In three days I’ve been on four airports, and I absolutely loved every minute, even the 20 during which we didn’t know whether we will manage to catch the connecting flight due to delay and some unsound decisions which were made while running through the Vienna airport. The joy shared after finally boarding the tiny Bombardier q400 and finding out they actually managed to load our luggage in 25 minutes was immense.

We spent most time on Tegel. We waited about two hours for the delayed German Wings flight on tiny terminal D. The terminal was quite, well, humble. There were four or so tables in the coffee shop, the security check was strangely intimate (space-wise) with the terminal itself. The two guys who somehow managed to reduce their four bags to three bags (we didn’t get to see how) were robbed of two ketchup bottles. Two random belts hung loosely on the rail, forgotten by people who were obviously not using them for practical purposes.

2015-05-07 14.42.06
Flying with German Wings in the wake of the media onslaught following the horrible accident is not the most pleasing experience. However, despite the fact that the flight was delayed, the pilot got us to Vienna on time to catch the connecting flight to Zagreb and the flight attendants were great and hospitable, their hospitality exceeded only by the one of the cute blonde on the Croatia Airlines flight from Vienna to Zagreb.

2015-05-05 09.44.572015-05-05 10.30.58



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