Worth the Wait


I went into this movie expecting that Ultron would take shit over and consume the entire movie. This did not happen. Quite the contrary. Ultron is, to say the least, anaemic. He’s ok, don’t get me wrong, but he’s not one of those villains that outgrow their movie. He’s not even sinister. I would call him playful.

The Age of Ultron is a good movie, but it’s not good because of Ultron, but because of the Avengers and the fact that they come off as a team of friends. For me a good superhero movie is more than the fight against good and evil, it’s about more than superpowers and fight scenes. It’s not the x-ray vision and super-strength that make Superman cool, it’s the Clark Kent part. You don’t measure a Batman’s worth by how he wears the bat-suit, but by how he wears a tux.

And the guys and girls who made The Age of Ultron obviously agree with me.

We got to see some rudimentary psychological characterization which was ok, largely thanks to good acting by Scarlet Johansson and Mark Ruffalo. Other Avengers did not leave much of an impression on me because they seemed to function mostly as comic relief.

But all in all, it was worth the wait. I’m not talking Guardians of the Galaxy worth-the-wait, most certainly not Days of Future Past worth-the-wait. But still, worth the wait.

A few things missing in The Age of Ultron:

1. Awesome villain


2. Real plot


3. Loki


4. Shirtless Thor


5. A good dance-off



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