Naughty Blogger

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. Unfortunately, at no point during the time I spent as a naughty blogger did I look like the missus from the cover pic of this post. Darn!

What have I been up to? Livin’ la vida loca? Not really. I’ve read no books, I’ve seen no movies worhty of a blog post. I’ve been watching Smallville. Again. I love that show. Talk about your guilty pleasure there. Tom Welling is so freakin gorgeous. I still can’t believe Henry Cavill is Superman (actually he only thinks he is).

Forgive me for I am tired.

As you might have noticed, this is a perfunctory post. It’s on AM and I’ve just decided that I’ve done enough work for today. Might as well have some fun typing about how I don’t have any fun? But, lo! I actually did have lots of fun lately. Hosted a party (it was good as far as I can remember), been at a party, went to the theatre, and all that in just one month. If that strikes you as not very fun, bear in mind I’ve been pulling these all-nighters (work-related) for some time.

The truth is, I love to work. Especially when I’m faced with something challenging, like crazy deadlines and new challenges. I’ve worked like crazy the last month or two (or more, I dunno) and I don’t think I’ve ever bitched less about the amount of workload I’m faced with. Because it awesome workload. I get to do new stuff, learn new stuff, test my boundaries and learn how to do it better the next time around.

It’s party time in nicollville.
Well, would you look at that! I ended up writing a post about work which can be categorized as guilty pleasure. Go figure!

This being somewhat random, here’s another gif of Tom Welling.

He so cute!

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