How I Got Cheated by a Manhwa (Dangu)

WARNING: What follows is another post in which I go apeshit about being cheated out of hours of my life. Before I go apeshit, I’ll sum up the issue: DO NOT READ DANGU (a.k.a. Shaman Warrior).

Manhwa: Dangu
Artist/Writer: Park Joong Ji (CURSE YOU!!!)
Genre: Seinen, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mature…
Status: Completed (MY ASS!!!!!)

But really? What the fuck. You cannot, cannot just decide and call something finished. Prerequisite of something being COMPLETE is for it to be complete, whole, entire, unified… There’s this fine line between being cancelled and complete – it’s about the size of the San Andreas Fault.

Can you honestly tell me, Park Joong Ji, that this is the way that you decided to end your story? No you didn’t. Someone made you randomly stamp END?

There are reviews saying Dangu is “awesome”, “great”, “epic”… But how? Here I am, feeling cheated and people out there actually enjoyed it.

When you write a character with special abilities, isn’t it customary that, after building up expectations about that special ability, you SHOW that special ability to its fullest?

This was a marketing move to boost sales, wasn’t it? Because nobody is going to buy a cancelled manhwa. No matter how awesome the parts of the incomplete whole are.

Ok, yeah. The art is amazing. The fight scenes are drawn with unimaginable fluidity and attention to detail that you can almost see the characters gliding through the pages. Additionally, unlike Gantz (couldn’t even finish this one) and Wolf Guy, the female character isn’t a useless heap of boobs and ass. She kicks ass. But you cannot tell me this is completed!

If Park Joong Ji avoided one of the common manga/manhwa pitfalls (getting too busy with side stories) would he have finished it properly?

All in all, it was a pretty good read until the very last page. Kept me interested and every once in a while I would *gasp* at the artwork. The only thing that I found lacking (aside from previously mentioned side stories) is the fact that the focus was largely on fighting and spilling blood all over the place. Normally, I don’t mind that, but I felt there could have been a bit more plotting and political intrigue.

The recommendation stands. Don’t read it. You’ll only feel cheated. Here’s some stuff that might make you disregard my advice.



6 thoughts on “How I Got Cheated by a Manhwa (Dangu)

  1. i can agree that it ended too early (only 9 chapters) and i also didn,t like the ending (not as much as you) , but as a whole its a great great manhwa.its one of my favorite,
    beautiful artwork
    very interesting characters( almost all of them)
    great storyline (with much potential for future chapters even after an disappointing ending)
    excellent dialogue between characters
    beautiful action scenes

    to recommend people not to read this great comic is just ridiculous. i would highly recommend shaman warrior/dangu to all manga/ manhwa fans, especially if you like comics like berserk vagabond banya or blade of the immortal.

    oh another thing chapter 10 coming soon its confrmed and official now be patient

    Liked by 1 person

      1. omg i love berserk but its still hard for me to choose between berserk and vagabond, but yeah berserk is probably the best manga of all time


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