Pink Floyd – The Endless River

When it comes to music, my appreciation for Pink Floyd is unparalleled. I experience their music on a primordial level – instinct and reflex. Yet at the same time the mind is restless, in a dreamlike state; old and new worlds coexist, dreary truths of our past coalesce with unruined future.


Three things passed through my mind after having heard the new album for the first time:

  1. whale song
  2. elevator music
  3. was this song (Anisina) on the Lethal Weapon soundtrack?

Having listened to The Endless River a few more times I somewhat moved past those impressions. Somewhat. I scarcely ever have a feeling about an album, I normally enjoy music on a level of a single song. Except with Floyd. The Endless River lacks that unifying experience, and it lacks poetry.

All in all, it’s unispirational, bland and at times seems to be endless – and not in a good way.


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