Oh, look. I’ve written another non-review!

My compulsion to write about Interstellar is as strong as my disinterest for it. I cannot explain it. I normally don’t judge things I have not experienced. I think that is irresponsible. Still, here it goes. From the moment I saw the trailer for Interstellar I hated it. I just hate it with the entirety of my being. It’s prejudiced and pathetic to have such powerful feelings about something you haven’t given a real chance. But it’s there.

Where does it come from? It comes from an impression there’s an overwhelming perception of Christopher Nolan as an artisté (yes, artisté not artist) who hides his enormous artistic sensibilities behind blockbusters such as Batman and Inception.

That’s a load of crap. I’ve seen every single movie he’s made after Memento (not Interstellar, obviously) and I think most of them are pretentious and suffer from illusions of grandeur. I liked Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises not so much. I absolutely loved Inception. Memento is one of my favourite movies.


I do not think he’s a genius writer/director who’s shaken the industry to its core with his treatment of abstract ideas. I think he’s a guy who takes great actors, a lot of special effects and spins them around some emotion or idea in a visually impressive way. It takes mad skillz to do that, undoubtedly, but it does not make him a genius.

I’ve stumbled upon a great article about the “Christopher Nolan Disease” which Sady Doyle defines as:

“…a saddening affliction, most common among blockbuster film directors named Christopher Nolan, in which vast, immersive, awe-inspiring worlds are created solely in order to tell the same damn story over and over again.”

Maybe I’m wrong and misguided, maybe most people think he’s overrated. There is a lot of criticism of his status as “one of the most influential directors of the new millennium” in the very article that calls him just that. I do however feel the need to point out the nascent nature of the new millennium.

I do know that I hate Interstellar and I felt a need to share that.


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