Constantine (2014)


John Constantine is Exorcist, Demonologist and Petty Dabbler in the Dark Arts, a hero-against-his-own-will in the making who is on the path to becoming humanity’s only hope in the wake of the gathering forces of darkness.

The first episode, Non Est Asylum, did not leave much of an impression on me. However, having seen episode two and three, I must say I am thoroughly hooked. There is a sort of darkness in this show that makes the demon-fighting actually seem like a serious thing – not something you should mess with.

The ominous feeling, almost desolate, is interspersed with Constantine’s dry wit, awesome accent and the fact that he is not a pretty-boy. He’s been through shit. There are lines on his face and he has no time to dabble in fitness as well as in the dark arts. He’s a dude, through and through. It’s not like fighting evil is an invigorating and rejuvenating job.


Being a fan of Supernatural (season 3 through 6) I couldn’t help but compare the two, especially during episode three, The Devil’s Vinyl. Here we have a Robert Johnson @ the crossroads situation, very reminiscent of an episode of Supernatural (Crossroad Blues, I think). From time to time, Supernatural tries, and fails to be serious. The episodes in which we are forced to see the truly dark side of the demonic and contemplate the ambiguities and fine lines of good and bad are a monumental drag. With Constantine, it works. You get chills, the heebie-jeebies, you name it.  And it’s still funny, in a desperate we-are-all-gonna-die way.

I sure as hell hope Constantine will not fall into the trap of becoming a parody of itself but will rather continue on its dark path.


2 thoughts on “Constantine (2014)

  1. I only watched the first episode and like you said I too wasn’t really hooked. But reading this I know what I’ll be watching this weekend 🙂 and another thing – him not being a pretty boy and the no bulshit attitude is exactly what makes him sexy


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