Beyond Redemption

If there ever was a sorry excuse for a movie, A Dame to Kill for is IT. It is excruciatingly boring, insultingly slow and badly written.

Bad, bad movie.

This movie is simply beyond redemption. I shudder in its general direction.  I dislike Eva Green, and my opinion is that the only reason for casting someone who has her acting talent is the willingness to take off her clothes. (Ok, she was good in Dark Shadows, only because overacting was one of the prerequisites in that movie). But I digress.


I’ve loved Josh Brolin since the Goonies, Joseph Gordon Levitt since 3rd Rock From the Sun. Mickey Rourke is one of my all time favourites, and I am also a fan of Chris Meloni. But I simply cannot fathom how this movie could have been saved.

Is there anybody out there who liked this?


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  1. Lukre says:

    hell. no, I did not like it either! I disliked it so much that I couldn’t write about it on my blog. And I waited so long for it! The first one is great! The plot, the characters, the camera stuff! Everything.
    And here it’s almost diametrically opposite! Somehow nothing worked!
    Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner about it 😦


  2. davekheath says:

    I liked the Dame to Kill for segment, because of the dialog, but when you compared the rest of the movie to that, it just shows how far Frank Miller has fallen.


    1. nicollzg says:

      I envy you, I wish I’ve enjoyed any part of the movie. I was hoping to enjoy Marv who used to be my favourite but has been reduced to a blithering, blood thirsty halfwit. Has he always been like that?


      1. davekheath says:

        Honestly the best interpretation of Marv as a character probably is the Hard Good Bye seen in the original movie, but Silent Night a 26 page short story with almost no dialog where he sets out to rescue a kidnapped girl is pretty good.It is unusual since at that time Miller was best known for his dialogue, but this time you get to know Marv by his actions and the art.

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  3. garethrhodes says:

    I didn’t think it was as outright bad as that. I think it just felt like a hollow echo of the original. Eva Green was good fun vamping it up to the max (as usual)


    1. nicollzg says:

      I thoroughly disliked it. Probably because I resent them for not making a worthy sequel 😉

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      1. garethrhodes says:

        I can understand that. My weight of expectation was fairly low (‘cos of all the stinky reviews), so I went into it with a degree of apathy. Given that, it played OK with me. Nothing approaching the brilliance of the original, but functional.

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      2. nicollzg says:

        Expectations play a big role, and in spite of all reviews I just couldn’t erase my desire for it to be good.

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