Gone Girl Could Have Been Great If Only…

… someone participating in the making of this movie had some sort of understanding of passage of time.

… Rosamund Pike did not pick up the book the movie was based on and read some 10 or 20 pages of it explaining who, what, when, where, and why.

… the pace of the movie didn’t vary so much – from very interesting and dynamic to „oh-come-on-get-over-it-already“.

… the holes in the plot did not have a tendency to reach Grand Canyon-size (I’m told it is rather big, this canyon, which is Grand and also Canyon).

… that Volvo Ben Affleck drives in the movie wasn’t so noticeable.

… the last 10 minutes of the movie were in fact a reflection of 135 minutes which preceded it.


Don’t get me wrong, this is a decent move. Rosamund Pike shows that she is so much more than a pretty, blonde, angel in the house. She is by far the best thing in Gone Girl, and my perception of her is forever changed.

The dialogue is snappy, intelligent and funny, and the chemistry between the characters is plausible. Tyler Perry as the archetypal defense lawyer, Kim Dickens as the reasonable detective, and Carrie Coon as Affleck’s twin sister were all good choices.


It’s just… I have a problem with decent movies. It’s the saddest sort which excels at nothing, not even mediocrity.

More on the Gone Girl over at Anatomy of Reading and Other Demented Stuff


One thought on “Gone Girl Could Have Been Great If Only…

  1. yes, all good points. I am posting a review of it on Saturday (Valentine’s Day!) as part of my Oscars roundup. I didn’t care for it hugely the first time I saw it, but I still gave it a decent-ish review; I have downgraded it considerably now that I have seen it again. The Neil Patrick Harris character is underwritten. The pacing is odd. The film has no energy (it’s supposed to be a thriller, right?) The music is all wrong. And there’s a massive plothole.

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