Until I Desolate Your Heart

Wow. Danny Boyle’s Frankenstein is – wow. I wept, I laughed, I was appalled. But most of all, I was, and still am, amazed. By Jonny Lee Miller as the Creature. He is truly superb. I had no idea he had a role like this in him. The things he made me feel! The consistency of his acting! His Creature is vulnerable and powerful, hideous and beautiful. Jonny acts with every muscle, with every limb and follicle. I swear, his white cells are acting.

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There is a downside to Frankenstein – Frankenstein himself. The character is underwritten, which makes him grotesque when compared to the Creature. Unfortunately, it does not function as a juxtaposition to show the contrast between man and thing. I don’t know if Victor’s anorexic character is a result of Cumberbatch’s interpretation or his interpretation is the result of a poorly developed character. (Surprisingly) Benedict left no impression on me. He was good but somehow the same. However, I’d had to see the version of the play where Jonny is Victor and Benedict the Creature to come to some sort of conclusion.


The beginning of the play, the birth of the Creature, is a bit comical. Miller was grunting and crawling around the stage aimlessly in an attempt to illustrate the spark of humanity being ignited. Half-naked, 41-year-old Miller is nothing to frown upon, on the contrary, but his convulsions did not make for a good introduction. The scene with “the train” was completely superfluous and out-of-place with musical elements which, in my opinion, have no place in the play.


Despite all that, it was an amazing way to spend two hours, and if you ever get an opportunity to watch Jonny Lee Miller as the Creature, you should. It made me think about giving Elementary another go.



4 thoughts on “Until I Desolate Your Heart

  1. Great post! I loved this production – it was amazing! Danny Boyle is SUCH a visionary! I watched the opposite version with Cumberbatch as the Creature but am desperate to see the alternatve version! I reviewed it here if you fancy a look -http://wp.me/p4Jjxn-1ji


    1. It’s amazing! I know McAvoy did Macbeth. Cumberbatch is supposed to do Hamlet (and Richard III for BBC) – don’t know ’bout Macbeth. (This reply sounds very gay)


      1. hamlet, oh, okay, not macbeth, then. and yes, your reply does sound rather gay, what with macavoy doing macbeth, and cumberbatch doing both hamlet and Richard III (not to mention that there’s a BBC involved) 😉


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