The Jackal

If you’ve read my last late-night post, you might have the idea of how edgy I am. Edgy enough to be daydreaming about a lighthouse-keeper job.

According to wikipedia I’d need ” to trim the wicks, replenish fuel, wind clockworks and perform maintenance tasks such as cleaning lenses and windows.” Unfortunately, I forgot all about progress – you know: electricity and such. Apparently, “as of 2011, there were 62 manned lighthouses in Italy.” Maybe I should have paid more attention to Italian during high school.

Now about that Sherpa business. I know, I’m not really eligible to be Sherpa because it’s not a job, but an ethnic group. However, I’d be ready to work at it. I mean, I can get into shape. I can quit smoking. I don’t mind the cold.

But seriously, it occurred to me today that my true goal in life should be to reach a point where people have to listen to what I say. Not obey. Just pay attention. Listen. And respond in a timely fashion. I’m young-ish. And it wouldn’t include depriving myself of technology and nicotine. So, it’s a start. Now, I just have to get really damn good at what I do.

Can you tell I’ve been re-watching West Wing?


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