The Keanu (2014)

After the Lucy disappointment, Guardians of the Galaxy managed to improve my 2014 movie-mood. From all the hoopla about GotG, I thought that it couldn’t be that good. Turned out it is. But I’m dying for something that is not based on something else, something with an original script.

And now, 2014 gets my hopes up. Again. 90s style. I present you The Most Anticipated Movie of 2014: RELOADED

We need more movies in which the Keanu needn’t act, just be.

When you feel life out of focus…always return to basic of [the Keanu].

In addition, Willem Dafoe, Ian McShane, Lance Reddick and John Leguizamo (who is not credited on imdb, WTF imdb?).

General John Wick feeling (when no one’s looking)
General John Wick feeling (when people are looking)



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