Weird, but in a bad way.

I just got out of a warm, cosy bed because I could not resist the temptation of sharing this book with the world (world being limited to my readership of cca 20).

Let’s start:

She was just a person the same as everybody else.” ~ I don’t even know what this means. Even if I use my imagination and play with some commas, I cannot fathom the purpose of this sentence. We are all a person!

So then why was she stood there?” ~ What might this be? A typo maybe? Hmmmm?

Jaxxon (?) allowed her curious side free-reign, and was soon stood in a stylish, bright reception area…” ~ I invite all to try this. It is an exceptional experience, the exhilaration of being stood somewhere. We should all be stood. If you haven’t been stood you haven’t lived.

Lifting her head, she saw Richie heading towards her grinning.” ~ That sicko, how dares he head towards her grinning?

Everything in it was either black or white. The walls, floor, seats and even the small, simple kitchenette were white. The ceiling, cameras, lighting equipment, laptop, shelves and the mirror frames were all black. Weird, but not in a bad way.” ~ Oh, thank God it wasn’t weird in a BAD way. I was worried for a moment.

All of this can be found in only 30 pages of the book titled From Rags. I’m sure there’s more, considering I skipped large portions trying to alleviate my suffering.

The deal breaker was a perfectly legible sentence:

Yet two years ago, at just the age of twenty-two, he had become the youngest Formula One driver in the world.” ~ I guess this was supposed to show us how Connor was cool and talented. I believe Seb Vettel was 20 when he started driving for Toro Rosso. Jensen Button was also 20 when he started driving for Williams. Not very impressive, Connor!

I am, however, interested to learn more about this fascinating world of Formula One, so I shall endeavour to read at least 30 more pages of this scintillating book.


8 thoughts on “Weird, but in a bad way.

  1. Alonso was 19 in his first race; Vettel was 21 when he first won a race 🙂 so no, Jaxxon is nothing special, except perhaps he might be the driver with the stupidest name in F1 ( and there have been some strange names there)


  2. While “stood” has always meant as you say- “I was stood” would be using the verb in the passive voice- increasingly people in Britain use it as the past participle. We also use “I was sat” to mean “I was sitting”. O Tempora! O Mores!


      1. It means in this case that instead of having different words for different meanings, you have to work out the meaning from context. Normally, people decide to stand where they stand themselves, but each time you hear this there is the intriguing possibility that they were “stood” there, impatient for release.


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