X-Men: Days of future past

This movie is f*cking awesome! That’s actually all I have to say about that.

Except maybe: My God McAvoy And Fassbender are good actors. And also: I cannot believe I like Jennifer Lawrence. And: It’s actually possible for Wolverine NOT to be an irritating wanker.

Now for some pictures.




2 thoughts on “X-Men: Days of future past

  1. Oh, d00d, to movie is good, right? And the scenes with McAvoy and Fassbender! Damn!
    now that fangirling is done for a minute I can focus on other things – like the editing and the music and the ending!
    spoiler alert: And 2dn best part of this movie (1st is McAvoy-Fassbender and their not so covert lovers’ quarrel) is that taking into account everything X-.Men the Last Stand never happened!


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