Windows 4 Manga

Some time ago, I researched and reviewed free manga-reader apps for all those strugling to keep it free and still enjoy a reasonably pleasing experience. This was back in the day when I was limited to iPhone 4s and an Android operated tablet.

I’ve decided to invest in this:

Asus T100

Motivation behind the investment was primarily irritation with dragging a heavy Lenovo laptop around. I love the Transformer. It is light, battery-life is awesome. The keyboard is heaven once you adjust to it. Sure, apps are shit, and I don’t use them at all, but when it comes to work, Windows is where I feel safe.

I almost forgot to make my point: if you want the best, hassle-free and free-of-charge manga reading experience, buy a Windows operated tablet, visit Manga Traders, forget about the apps and simply enjoy.


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