Wolf Guy


Other titles: Inugami; Wolf Guy – Emblem of the Wolf; Wolf Guy – Ookami no Monshou; Wolf Guy – Wolfen Crest
Author: Tabata Yoshiaki
Artist: Yugo Yuuki
Status: Complete (12 volumes)
Genre: Seinen, Supernatural, Psychological, Action, Drama

Summary: Inugami Akira transfers to a school which is basically run by a yakuza’s son and his followers. Violence and bullying, which Inugami takes on with a grin, ensue. As violence escalates so do Inugami’s strength and ability to regenerate. Eventually it turns out that Wolf Guy is in fact a guy who is a wolf (shocker). A relationship between Inugami and Aoshika, his homeroom teacher, leads to hell breaking loose, when his immense strength catches the eye of Haguro Dou, the true monster of the story.

Wolf Guy is nothing special. It’s a story about how fucked up Japanese school system is, about human beings which are in fact the greatest monsters that have and will walk the Earth. It is a story about a guy who tries to despise humanity, but is incapable of living without it and caring about those who surround him.

Wolf Guy uses usual topics and it fails to deliver on them in an exceptional way. The fact that the relationship between Inugami and Aoshika is at best sketchy makes the second part of the manga feel forced and nonsensical. The art is really good, at moments even breathtaking, but still not enough to make Wolf Guy stand out from the myriad of its seinen brethren.

Wolf Guy v11 c103 - 124 wolf_guy_v03_084 wolf_guy_v04_206

Wolf Guy does violence, blood and rape rather good, but this is nothing novel in the genre and there’s a bit too much of it for my taste. I know it’s silly to say there’s too much violence in a seinen manga. I don’t mind when violence runs amok if it is with a purpose, but at times it seems that the author is enjoying it a bit too much, which made me feel rather uneasy.

The villain is really good, that I have to say. Haguro Dou is the best part of Wolf Guy and if there is one reason why I would recommend you read this (which I don’t) it’s him.  The lead female character is useless, which is unfortunately not a big surprise. Aoshika’s vulnerability, lack of spine and brain are one of the greatest pitfalls of Wolf Guy. I could get righteously pissed at the fact that the only thing Aoshika has going for her are her tits and that the author thinks that’s about as far as he needs to go,  but I’ll leave it at that.

All in all, Wolf Guy is OK, however you will not miss out on anything if you miss it.

SEINEN is a demographic designation of anime and manga targeted at male audiences aged 18 to 40 (e.g. Berserk). Seinen is supposed to be more mature and less idealized than Shounen (younger male audiences, e.g. Bleach). More attention is paid to the plot and the interaction between characters than to action and fights, characters are well fleshed out.

5 thoughts on “Wolf Guy

  1. sorry but I think this manga is one of the best mangas I ever read which has a lot of actions and story line and revenge (revenge is my style) so that’s why I would say its fantastic and great. Aoshika’s so sexy and I love the way they use this character. There’s a 2 characters in this story I wish they had more actions or more stories about them like (Akira jin and chiba). Anyway this story ( I recommend to see and read)


    1. I did enjoy some parts, others not so much. But, hey, everybody has a particular taste so, what works for me might not work for you. For example I really enjoyed Akumetsu and The Breaker, don’t know if you read them but I think they’re really good. Wolf Guy was a bit too much for me on the rape front.


  2. I agree with you. There are a lot of particular taste of people but for me I love the revenge style with action and seinen like (berserk, sun ken rock, hellsing, wolf guy) I don’t know if you read them but I rocomend them for you. I saw (Akumetsu and The Breaker) the breaker looks awsum but I have a problem that I love to read completed manga’s like wolf guy so that I don’t have to wait for long to see the new chapters (you understand me) but that’s doesn’t mean I don’t have to read them :p. I recommend you to read (sun ken rock) and give me your opinion.


    1. I love seinen, and Berserk is absolutely awesome. But I hate it because it so terribly unfinished. I stick to completed mangas because I hate the wait, also. I got hooked on the Breaker before I even knew that New Waves was coming out 🙂 But it does give you some closure at least. I’ll check out sun ken rock. Thenks for the recommendatin.


  3. I feel the same way. I hate waiting. so if you have completed managas you recommend for me I would be a happy to go for your choise. am waiting for you feedback about (sun ken rock) 😉


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