See You Space Cowboy…

Spike Spiegel
Writing about something I feel strongly about is a real bitch. I’ve been at this post forever, and I have revised the shit out of it. The general idea was to tell the reader how great Cowboy Bebop is, how deep, thought-provoking and beautiful. But it seemed too simple to just write that. Which is why I’m staring at 25+ revisions and am still at a loss as to how to make you understand. Chances are, you already know Bebop is awesome. That makes my life even more difficult. If I don’t write a decent post you’ll think I’m a loser who doesn’t know how to appreciate a masterpiece like Bebop.
Screenshot 2014-05-02 23.44.02
I’ve gone through a gazillion screenshots and wallpapers in an attempt to give this piece-of-shit post some visual support, and still, nothing seems to be good enough to demonstrate my appreciation. I’ve made all of these filmstrips and then I realized there’s no Julia in them. I mean, what the fuck? How can I visually present Bebop without Julia? How on Earth was I even thinking to show you the depth and intricacy of the story without mentioning her? Stupid.

Fact is, I’ve tried to write this particular post before and I have never managed to write something decent about Bebop. I’m useless. I can rant on about shit I don’t like, but giving credit where it’s due is apparently not my thing. Am I really one of THOSE people? Brrrrrrrrr.
Faye Valentine
I am kind of throwing in the towel here, counting on the possibility that if I write that Bebop is more than the sum of its parts and only when the last scene fades to black you will be able to appreciate its magnitude will make amends for my appalling inaptitude in writing an appreciation post.

Check this, I’ve even made a nice little playlist on soundcloud because I thought I’d be able to write about great music and the importance it has in the experience of watching and rewatching Bebop. How supercilious of me.
Cowboy Bebop (1)


3 thoughts on “See You Space Cowboy…

  1. Haha! Don’t worry about the post. It’s ok. It’s great for me too, but everybody should decide by themselves. Ummm, you could write why you think it’s great. 😉
    I think I need to watch it again. 😛


    1. I love it because it’s a perfect blend of awesome animation, incredible music and feeling; because all characters are portrayed so well that they become a part of your life, no matter how fictional. I love the fact that the relationships between characters reflect real life in a bitter-sweet way that can make anyone relate to them. I love the fact that it really isn’t a story about bounty hunters, but about love, family and friendship. I love the minutiae and the fact that attention and love the authors put into it make you discover new things every single time you watch it.
      Go figure, NOW, I have no problem writing about it 🙂
      Btw, I agree. You should watch it again.


      1. I prefer more action oriented, and those bounty hunter parts, not the love life, but generally I agree. Definitely, need to watch the TV series and read manga. 🙂


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