Strike, Dear Mistress, and Cure His Heart


I don’t know how many people outside Croatia know that on December the 1st, my country (i.e. Croatia) will be voting on whether to enter a highly discriminatory sentence into our Constitution. Almost 700.000 people signed for this abomination to take place. Once again, we are playing judge, jury and executioner in something that deserves no judging, no jury, and it most definitely deserves no execution.

Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather
Whiplash girlchild in the dark

I want to write about unreasonable fear of that which is different. I want to write about cultural necessity to judge the world and its people against yourself. I want to write about taking a gander at things from a human perspective, not from a heterosexual perspective, not from Christian/Atheist/Religious perspective. Human perspective. Perspective of love and understanding. If people learned how to do this, the only judging would be done in a court room, the one place where it belongs.

Kiss the boot of shiny, shiny leather
Shiny leather in the dark

People who want to eliminate differences are not very reasonable. You’re heterosexual, and as such you wish to have sex with someone diametrically opposite of yourself, biologically different . Maybe you are afraid of the opposite sex, and therefore you also fear those of opposite sexual orientation? Maybe you are incapable of understanding your own sexual desires towards the opposite sex, that you have to judge a man who is completely comfortable wanting to have sex with another man?

Tongue of thongs, the belt that does await you
Strike, dear mistress, and cure his heart

Whether it’s heterosexual or homosexual intercourse, it seems to me there is a lot of people who still have a problem with sex, and any kind of deviation from the “missionary” position (male and female reproduction organs, lights off and other “normal” and “natural” stuff included).

Taste the whip, in love not given lightly
Taste the whip, now plead for me

Adoption is also a problem, because gay parents a) will raise a gay child (and we are afraid of gay  people); b) are a reason why a child will be bullied and tortured by its peers. Very sound reasoning isn’t it? I wonder, a) how come there are gay people who are the fruit of heterosexual loins and upbringing? Don’t you think that, if we as parents and a society, stopped raising our children to hate and fear that which is different b) there would be no bullying and torture of children who have gay parents. Maybe, just maybe, if we taught our young ones that it is ok to be different (because we are all different) and that it’s wrong to bully anyone for any reason, then we wouldn’t have this impediment to adoption by same-sex partners?

I don’t believe family and marriage are about the number of parents, about their sex, religious orientation or political ideals. They are about the quality of love.

Severin, Severin, speak so slightly
Severin, down on your bended knee

But all that aside, I hope and believe that Croatia will decide against constitutionally defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Because, even though I am not a part of any Church, I am a believer, maybe of the most naive sort. I believe in people.

*Title/Lyrics: Velvet Underground, Venus in Furs

5 thoughts on “Strike, Dear Mistress, and Cure His Heart

  1. Ugh, I didn’t know. In Poland we have the “marriage is between man and woman” shit written in the constitution. I hate it when the government decides who a person can marry. The same things about adoption is here. Idiotic.

    Btw, you forgot “B” 😉


    1. Our government is against this. One of the reasons why is because it’s superfluous – we already have that sentence in the Family Law. The reason why this is taking place is because some people decided to gather signatures for a referendum, because they want to make it more difficult to change this in the future. If this passes, it will be much more difficult to give gay people a right to marriage because it will include changing the constitution as well as the Law.


      1. In Poland the fight for even having civil partnership (for everybody no matter the union) is also based on the constitutional “marriage, as a union between man and woman” preventing any opposition to any legal actions bearing any “sign of similarities to marriage” crap. Our government is against it, and they won’t even let to have any discussion on projects of civil partnership in the Parliament. >< They clearly forget that "all people have the same rights and shouldn't be discriminated also in a social life" which is written in Constitution too. But they fail to see that, and they don't see inconsistencies in the Constitution either. Too bad for the citizens. But, with low salaries in Poland, more and more people move to other countries.

        Looks like your government is more sensible. There are always some radicals who are dissatisfied with the way the world is going and want to dictate other people's lives.

        Not "gay people". You think that bi/pansexuals wouldn't want to marry a person they love? It's about the right to marry anybody a person wishes.

        I keep my fingers crossed for the referendum to fail. 😉


      2. I’ve wrote “gay people” but even that is too wide a category for what these people asking for a referendum truly fear. I don’t think they are capable of grasping the LGBT term. They mostly have problems with gay men. However, our Government is working on a proposal of civil partnership which will include rights similar to marital rights for ALL human beings who want to share their lives and love with another human being. So, we’ll soon have that, I hope.
        I’m sorry that it’s such a bad situation in Poland, concerning minority rights and employment. It’s not much better here, and I also hope the referendum will fail, and that will at least have that if not low unemployment. And thank you for keeping your fingers crossed, we’ll need it 🙂


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