Sherlock – Mostly Pictures

I decided to “write” a follow up on  – Triple Holmeside – Quantitative Creativity. Searching the world wide web for Sherlock Holmes artwork, a simple fact presented itself as self-evident. The Internet People believe that Benedict Cumberbatch Is Sherlock Holmes. Enough of text, let’s make do with some pretty pictures.

irene_adler_by_alicexz-d4ruy7zjohn_watson_by_alicexz-d472r40lestrade_by_alicexz-d4zsaysvirtuoso_by_alicexz-d48qgrethe_whip_hand_by_naturalshocks-d5yjuqrstill_the_addict_by_naturalshocks-d5p145w 8c0a807f1c70ebfea94c4372e3c83cf8-d4at6qpsherlock_by_ooiboy-d4q4ls0

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