Triple Holmeside – Quantitative Creativity

hackers2Being a kid in the 90s, having little or no access to technology, Hackers (1995) were the bomb. Jonny Lee Miller was the ultimate geek you wanted by your side, and Angelina Jolie still had enough meat on her bones for you to want to be her (partially because of the Jonny Lee Miller thing, but the boobs weren’t too shabby either). It was a time when Prodigy was a new, cool band.

Ten years after, Prodigy is old-school, Jonny Lee Miller lost some hair, Angelina looks like she needs an IV, and technology has ceased to function as an inspirational insight into future civilizational development – nothing really developed, save technology itself. Somewhere on the turn of the century, originality died. Better phones, better visual effects, faster computers… Human condition – pretty much the same (if not worse) and technology serves only to draw attention and infuse alienation. We’re not using our iPhones to fight oil-spilling individuals. We’re not using our laptops to save the whales – we’re using them to google how tall Jared Padalecki is, because, damn, he does look tall, doesn’t he? (6’4”, by the way).

Elementary is a decent show. I do, however, fail to understand why the main character’s name is Sherlock Holmes. It could have been a completely original show, and nobody would even think to draw a parallel with Arthur Conan Doyle or Sherlock (BBC). Was it really necessary to wrap Elementary up into a modernized remake to make the audience interested? Are we not capable of enjoying something that has not been “stolen”? Frankly, I hated Elementary until I stopped watching it as a Sherlock Holmes series. When Watson (Joan – Yawn) said “Really, Sherlock?”, for a moment I thought she was using the name derogatorily, as in “Thank you, king obvious!” – that is how good Elementary works in the Sherlock context. So, I decided to watch Elementary as a detective show with not only one, but two actors I love (Jonny Lee Miller & Aidan Quinn).

Apparently, someone thought the world needed yet another Sherlock incarnation. Normally, when a character is being revived, there’s only one actor you associate with that character. But no. We have Robert Downey Jr. (and Jude Law), Benedict Cumberbatch (and Martin Freeman), Jonny Lee Miller (and Lucy Liu). I mean, give us a break. In my opinion when you follow a series or a franchise, you do it, in part, because of the actor with whom you identify the beloved character. Having three different Sherlocks, set in two different timeframes and two different countries, with female Watson and NYPD added into the mix, just screws things up.

It would seem that the influx of information has made pretty much everything a matter of quantity – if we don’t have many of the same to choose from, are we robbed of the illusion of free choice?

What the fuck is going on?


We have two Hercules coming up. No Hercules for years (remember Kevin Sorbo?) – now, two of them. Ok, different target groups. One is me (Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson fan) and the other is a nameless Twilight/300 fan. Why two movies about the same dude in the same year, regardless of target groups? If you want a decent marketing campaign, the actor has to be the character, not one of the two dudes currently starring as…

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson is…one of the Herculeses – how catchy.



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