Harry Potter and the Can of Kick-Ass

Harry Potter and the Can of Kick-Ass

A movie came out recently in which a tall, American Harry Potter wears a silly green-yellow suit. Instead of a wand, this American Harry Potter carries two batons and has a tendency of beating people up. He fancies himself a superhero and he goes around fighting evil with dr. Turk and Ace Ventura and some other weird-looking guys who look like escaped comic cons. The Motherfucker has some daddy, mommy and Harry Potter issues and he decides to round up some more escaped comic cons to fight the more belevolent comic cons and Harry Potter. Thankfully, Harry Potter has a cool friend Mindy who can actually kick ass.

Percy Jackson and the Can of Kick-Ass

This movie is awesome. Much better than the Percy Jackson and the Can of Kick-Ass. There was less talk and more action. Hit Girl is practically the lead character and the kid is absolutely amazing. Harry Potter deosn’t blab as much as he did when he was Percy Jackson. He’s more action-oriented. Some action scenes are a bit blurred and generally action sequences were more poorly mad in Harry Potter than they were in Percy Jackson, but, as we all know, Harry Potter is better than Percy Jackson, no matter what.


The chemistry between Harry Potter and Hit Girl is amazing. I haven’t seen such chemistry between two characters in a long time – longer than I care to remember. Now I’m not talking about some sexual tension, or what not. They simply work great together which brings the movie to a whole new level.

I still have issues with kids enjoying an occasional masacre, because it confuses the shit out of me, particulary when it comes to target audiences. I mean, I’m ok seeng Hit Girl open a can of kick-ass, but I’m not sure I like the idea of someone whose Hit Girl’s age (or younger) watching her do that..

The major fault with the move is a weak-ass main conflict. It is not accentuated enough. Motherfucker is a cool villain, but the battle of good vs. evil was a bit weak, and not in a philosophical way where you try to understand is there such a thing as good and evil in this world or are those just cultural constructs.

Despite some moral ambiguities, which I have also experienced with Percy Jackson and the Can of Kick-Ass, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I hope as hell they make another one.