Manga in a Nutshell – ES (Eternal Sabbath)

I hate writing about things like chapter numbers, summaries… You can find that, and read the manga here.

It’s difficult to write about something that you consider perfect, and this manga falls into that category. What I love about it is its ability to use the supernatural basis of the story in order to question the definition of humanity and morality. Eternal Sabbath deals with that primordial question of good and evil and whether these are clear-cut categories or they depend on the life of the beholder.

The characters are superb, remarkably life-like, whether human or animal-like. The metaphor, the questioning of basic tenets of society will not escape you. However, if you’re not particularly into this stuff, you’ll enjoy the amazing artwork, eerie atmosphere and great action scenes.

Eternal Sabbath has it all.


A/N: This post introduces a new category – Nutshells – where I try to say as much as possible about something in 150 words or less. Why, because brevity is the soul of wit or whatnot. TAlso, this note is not included in the word count 🙂


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