First Grave on the Right Review

This book was indirectly recommended to me by Karen Marie Moning and I thought to myself: Why not?


So here I am some 10 days and 250 pages later thinking it was not such a bad idea to heed Karen’s advice about checking it out. Mind you, First Grave on the Right is not Earth-shattering, perspective-shifting stuff. It’s a fun book with decent writing and a female lead who is not feeble and helpless. I think that all the sex-stuff was completely superfluous and we could have had a really decent book without it, however it’s not the basis of the story nor does it continuously plague every single page – it’s decent. That’s why my rating is 2,5/5 stars, because that’s what decency is.

My decent feelings about this decent book are somewhat made even more decent by the fact that Karen Marie Moning, author of the Fever Series which I adore, recommended it. It was hard not to notice the similarity between MacKayla Lane (Fever Series) and Charley Davidson (Grave Series). The lack of similarity between Jericho Barrons (Fever Series) and Reyes Farrow (Grave Series) didn’t really help. I know originality is to be celebrated, but come on – duplicating Barrons might be impossible but you should have tried Darynda. There in lies the catch. I think she did try, but failed to recreate the awesomeness that is Jericho Barrons.

I’d gotten lost in the comparisons. Time to reflect on the story – it’s shit really. The secret of Reyes is revealed to quickly (Jericho Barrons????), the background story wasn’t much of any interest. So you wonder, how the hell is this book decent? Well it’s just is. It’s your run-of-the-mill book which you may read and have fun with it, but not reading it will not make your life any emptier. I like Charley and I love the style in which the book is written because it perfectly reflects and augments Charley’s character. It’s just a fun book which did not try to kill me with its illiteracy and dodgy metaphors. So yeah, it’s decent and I’m off to read pt2.


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