Today, I’m Feeling Very Heterosexual


I was four, I think, when I realized that I was a girl. I’d just hit a boy who was trying to hit me. I was berated by my kindergarten teacher because that was not the way girls behaved. I got a lot of that growing up and it was considered not very feminine of me to fight back. Messed up my identity, that did.

Similarly, I have never considered myself a heterosexual until I was forced to realize that there was a difference between me and „them“, that I have rights the members of the LGBT community do not have.

Today, I’m feeling very heterosexual, because I cannot begin to imagine how it feels to have ten thousands of your countrymen (and women) trying to legally abolish your right to love whomever you want. I don’t know how it feels to see smiling faces of young volunteers, going door to door, asking for support to ban you as a person, to prevent you to fully realize yourself and to have a life that you deserve.

Yes, I am feeling very heterosexual today…

 Edit: I’m appealing to you, if it’s something you believe in, to sign this petition for marriage equality in Croatia.

5 thoughts on “Today, I’m Feeling Very Heterosexual

  1. It is called “Privilege”, the rights we have as any one or more of- white, educated, heterosexual, male, cissexual, etc. The System which gives some privilege and others difficulty is called Kyriarchy. Thank you for beginning to educate yourself on these matters.


    1. I appreciate your input. However I do not understand what is your objection to my post except that I have failed to use a term I have not yet encountered.


  2. Thank you, Clare, and sorry. The thing is, I have this personality issue which always makes me assume that I did something wrong (which is connected to some of the matters I mentioned in this post). I’m thoroughly embarrassed by my assumption which was brought about by a lack of confidence, which I apparently haven’t managed to remedy yet.


  3. Then let me be unambiguous. This stuff is out there- search for “straight privilege”- and coming to realise it independently is very impressive. Congratulations, and thank you again.


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